Gevorg Babakhanyan (ENDZA): A Journey Through Vision

We take you on a visual journey with Gevorg Babakhanyan (ENDZA). Experience art that speaks to the soul.

Gevorg Babakhanyan, known as ENDZA, creates fantastical oil paintings exploring imagination's power. Otherworldly colors swirl hypnotically through surreal compositions ornamented with mystical symbols.

ENDZA employs a unique painting technique using his fingers instead of brushes. The resulting textures feel ultra tactile, as if one could reach out and touch blooming colors. Intimately handcrafted, the canvases come alive.

Through abstract surrealism, ENDZA reveals our inner dimensions. Microcosms, celestial orbs and profound symbols reflect the collective unconscious and untapped wisdom within. By accessing this imaginative space, we reconnect with our deepest truths.

ENDZA's visionary artworks remind us that reality is subjective, formed through our personal lenses. His worlds exist at the nexus of tangible and intangible. By opening our minds, we perceive new layers of meaning all around us.

Let ENDZA's otherworldly paintings transport you through imagination's portals. This journey of discovery alters how you engage life itself. Return with vision expanded and creativity reignited. Gevorg Babakhanyan's fantastical paintings crafted entirely by hand without brushes immerse viewers in surreal realms exploring imagination's power to reveal truth. His symbolic imagery provokes introspection about our inner lives and purpose. ENDZA reminds us that reality encompasses more than the visible world, and our minds can access these boundless dimensions to derive meaning. His art's otherworldly beauty catalyzes intuition and self-discovery.Gevorg Babakhanyan, known as ENDZA, creates fantastical oil paintings exploring imagination's power to reveal deeper truths about our inner realm and the world. His surreal, otherworldly compositions unlock intuition and self-discovery. ENDZA employs a unique technique using his fingers instead of brushes to manipulate vivid pigments. His tactile application makes colors shimmer hypnotically, as if blooming before our eyes. Mystical symbols emerge from hazy atmospherics, inviting introspection. By painting primarily from his subconscious, ENDZA conveys concepts through a visual language of flowing forms, cosmic spheres, and profound archetypes. His goal is to depict the "life of the soul" beyond ordinary perception. ENDZA reminds us that reality encompasses boundless dimensions when we transcend the rational mind's limits. His mystical compositions offer portals to access our core wisdom, creativity, and interconnectedness. Through mesmerizing paintings crafted entirely by hand, Gevorg Babakhanyan leads viewers on journeys into expansive inner frontiers revealing truth, light, and healing. His visionary art's transcendent beauty catalyzes intuition and self-discovery. Gevorg Babakhanyan, known as ENDZA, creates fantastical paintings that unlock portals to our inner wisdom and potential. Mystical symbols emerge from galaxies of glimmering color, inviting self-discovery. His unique tactile technique employs fingers rather than brushes to manipulate oils into vivid textures resembling celestial clouds. OPTICAL hues swirl hypnotically across dark canvases like forming cosmic matter. ENDZA transcends the physical through a visual language of celestial orbs, microcosms and consciousness symbols that reflect our inner dimensions beyond ordinary perception. His work awakens us to realities that flourish within imagination. By conveying concepts from his subconscious, ENDZA reminds us that our most powerful truths dwell not in intellect but intuition. His otherworldly visions offer expansive healing journeys deep into miraculous inner frontiers.

Gevorg Babakhanyan - The Armenian Digital Artist Reimagining His Homeland’s History

Gevorg Babakhanyan is a pioneering Armenian digital artist who creates immersive 3D visualizations inspired by his country’s architecture and medieval history. Based in the capital Yerevan, his virtual recreations of Armenian historical sites and artifacts have brought international acclaim and helped popularize digital art in the country.

Upbringing in Armenia

Gevorg Babakhanyan was born inGyumri, Armenia in 1983. He became interested in art and drawing from an early age. After graduating from high school, Babakhanyan moved to Yerevan to study sculpture at the Armenian Academy of Fine Arts.

During his student years in the early 2000s, Babakhanyan co-founded an art and design studio called AvatarLab. It was through this collective that he began experimenting with 3D art and computer graphics as new creative mediums.

Pioneering Digital Art in Armenia

Upon completing his degree in 2006, Gevorg Babakhanyan shifted his focus wholly to digital art. At the time, this was a relatively new and unexplored field within Armenia’s contemporary art scene. Babakhanyan emerged as an early pioneer locally in virtual sculpture and 3D visualization.

In the late 2000s, Babakhanyan created his first digital recreations of historic Armenian architectural sites. He painstakingly constructed complexes like ancient temples and churches in 3D using modeling software.

Reimagining Armenia’s Past Through Art

As his career progressed, Gevorg Babakhanyan moved towards visualizing expansive scenes from Armenia’s medieval, pre-Christian history. His digital paintings and animations envision epic battles, pagan rituals, and mythic legends that have been forgotten over centuries.

Babakhanyan approaches each 3D reconstruction like an archaeological study, researching architecture, attire, and cultural practices to create an immersive historical world. His artworks bring Armenia’s past to life while reconnecting Armenians with their heritage.

Artworks by Gevorg Babakhanyan

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Cutting-Edge Exhibitions and International Attention

In the 2010s, Gevorg Babakhanyan's ambitious 3D art projects earned him global recognition within the digital art sphere. In 2015, he exhibited at the first Yerevan Biennial dedicated to pioneering computer art from across the region.

Babakhanyan’s animations were also featured internationally at SIGGRAPH Asia, the premier computer graphics conference. As the first Armenian artist showcased, he helped spotlight his country’s emerging digital arts scene.

Recent Major Works

Gevorg Babakhanyan continues pushing his 3D visualizations to new levels of complexity and realism. In 2021, his animated film "Temple of Garni: The Pagan Priest” meticulously envisioned an ancient pre-Christian ritual at a real Armenian temple site.

That same year, Babakhanyan digitally reconstructed the 7th-century Cathedral of Zvartnots in vivid detail for a film documenting its rise and fall. His technical artistry brought renewed global interest to this lost Armenian landmark.

Preserving Cultural Heritage Through Technology

As an artist, Gevorg Babakhanyan sees his role as preserving and resurrecting Armenia’s past for future generations. His 3D visualizations allow young Armenians to engage with and take pride in their rich but oft-overlooked history and culture.

Babakhanyan also believes emerging technologies can empower artists to share their nation's heritage with international audiences rarely exposed to Armenian culture. His cutting-edge artworks are an integral part of this digital cultural exchange.

Pioneer in Armenia's Contemporary Art Scene

In just over a decade, Gevorg Babakhanyan has gained renown as one of Armenia's most visionary contemporary digital artists. He has mastered 3D, animation, and VR technology to transport viewers to forgotten worlds that still have urgent relevance today.

As an innovator constantly expanding the possibilities of virtual art, Babakhanyan represents Armenia's promising young generation of artists. Through his breathtaking visualizations, he ensures Armenia's history will endure and inspire in the digital age.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Gevorg 'Endza' Babakhanyan

Who is Gevorg 'Endza' Babakhanyan?

Gevorg 'Endza' Babakhanyan is a multi-talented artist known for his dynamic and visually stunning artworks that often explore themes of cultural heritage, identity, and human connections.

What artistic mediums does Gevorg 'Endza' Babakhanyan work with?

Gevorg 'Endza' Babakhanyan is skilled in various artistic mediums, including painting, digital art, and sculpture. He seamlessly combines traditional and contemporary techniques to create his unique visual language.

Where can I experience Gevorg 'Endza' Babakhanyan's art?

Gevorg 'Endza' Babakhanyan's art is often showcased in prominent art galleries, cultural events, and exhibitions. Stay updated on his upcoming showcases by visiting his official website and following his social media profiles.

Has Gevorg 'Endza' Babakhanyan received recognition for his artistic contributions?

Absolutely, Gevorg 'Endza' Babakhanyan's artworks have received recognition for their captivating visuals and meaningful narratives. He has been honored with awards and featured in various art publications.

Can I acquire artworks by Gevorg 'Endza' Babakhanyan?

Certainly! You can acquire artworks by Gevorg 'Endza' Babakhanyan through art galleries and online platforms that specialize in contemporary art. Owning one of his pieces allows you to connect with his diverse artistic expressions.